Life with the Earnslaw

Janet Smith takes us down memory lane back to a time when the Earnslaw was the lifeblood of the Wakatipu.

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The Earnslaw and our family holidays

Katherine Clarkson reminisces about her family holidays during the 50s and 60s and the vital role the Earnslaw played in making them that much more special.

Katherine Clarkson

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My Jeans vs the mighty Earnslaw

"I appeared from around the corner swaggering and swaying as only you could do in wet jeans only to reach the boarding plank, only to be viewed by all aboard who were eager to identify the idiot who was holding everything up."

Robert Snoad

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A Captain's Tale

"I have worked on a lot of boats in my life, but the TSS Earnslaw has more personality than any of them. If she was a person she’d be a temperamental old lady". 

Graham Moore-Carter (Twinny),
Current TSS Earnslaw Senior Launchmaster

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Saving the Lady of the Lake

"The Minister of the day, whom I called the Great Train Robber, wanted to take the Earnslaw off the lake as part of its plans to modernise the railways system... I kicked up a fuss because they said they were planning to sink it on the end of the Queenstown park, but instead of sinking it he agreed to..."

Marygold Miller, 15/03/2011

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Life at the Coal-face

To keep Queenstown's TSS Earnslaw steaming along, it takes someone to manually shovel the coal. GRANT BRYANT reports with shovel in hand.


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A Lake Excursion: Queenstown to Glenorchy

Afloat on the blue, deep water! The New Zealand flag at the masthead waved our goodbye to Queenstown, and on the churning waters in our wake lay the dark shadow of the trailing smoke. A gramophone amplifier on deck drowned the laughing sallies of the party; and “Camptown Races” was much in evidence—well, all were ready to echo “Doo-dah.”


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  • "My first trip on the TSS Earnslaw was early in 1990 (which was on my first visit to New Zealand). It was a fantastic day in early March, bright blue sky and Lake Wakatipu was as calm as a duck pond, which made for a very pleasant sailing indeed...."

    Claire Horrobin, New Zealand - 26/04/2011

The Earnslaw carried the Duke of York in 1927 and the Duke of Gloucester in 1935.

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